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Lao economy under French's colonial History of Lao Economy

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    • Category : Social Sciences > Economics & Finance
    • Taught by : Sengchanh Chanthasene
    • Created By : National University of Laos
    • Offered By : ASEAN Cyber University
    • Date Added : 2019.12.13
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    • Keyword : Lao economy oppressesd, common budget, Lao economy oppressesd, common budget, statistics

    "This chapter describes aboutoLao economy oppressed by French's colonial, type of taxation, about the budgetary and monetary under french's colonial and about Agriculture and forestry ,handicraft, industry, trading and transport work. 1. How was Lao economy oppressed from French's colonial - This material explains about Lao economy was decreasing and depressing From French’s colonial. 2. How does French's colonial collected tax ? - This material explains about collecting tax from French's collonial first from direct Taxation and second from indirect Taxation, direct tax was consisted in 6 categories and Indirect tax had 7 sources. 3. How many area used Budgetary and monetary? - This material explains about Budget and monetary consisted in first common budget and Lao’s area budget. Monetary French colonial take Indochina money kip such as: paper money and metal money. 4. How does Agriculture, Handicraft, Trading ..worked? - This material explains about Agriculture product, Handircaft product exchange and trading of good."

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