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The beginning of the year the build Agricultural Cooperative History of Lao Economy

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    • Category : Social Sciences > Economics & Finance
    • Taught by : Sengchanh Chanthasene
    • Created By : National University of Laos
    • Offered By : ASEAN Cyber University
    • Date Added : 2019.12.13
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    • Keyword : Evolution , Agricultural cooperative, Cooperative benefit , Cooperative benefit , statistics

    "This chapter describes the Target to be agricultural cooperative, the transformation to agriculture association,about the Principle and manage agricultural cooperative’s activity. 1. What is the meaning of evolution to be agricultural cooperative? - This material explains about the transformation to socialism without capitalism needs an important democracy system,Creating every condition to support the transformation to a socialist country, A special feature of this period is to change from a private production to a bigger socialist production,use the form of Production solidarity and Labor Exchanging,follow directions from the Lao government with technical-cultural revolution, people to join the agriculture association ,Building new production scheme. 2. What is the goal to transform of agriculture association? - This material explans about starting to reconstruct of agriculture association, Redistribution of labor, Creating production scheme, Creating the production factors, Using industrial sector to help agriculture sector,Implement ,Reconstruction in rural area to be more comprehensive,Supporting activation to socialism,Develop higher technical and knowledge of farmers, Creating. 3. What is the agricultural cooperative ? - This material explains about Volunteering principle, Coordination principle,Democracy principle,Building association base on volunteering and coordination principle supporting the solidarity, Creating new association in order to make a fast and mass production, Agricultural cooperative is cooperative where farmers pool their resources in certain areas of activity."

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