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Structural Economic policyHistory of Lao Economy

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    • Category : Social Sciences > Economics & Finance
    • Taught by : Sengchanh Chanthasene
    • Created By : National University of Laos
    • Offered By : ASEAN Cyber University
    • Date Added : 2019.12.13
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    • Keyword : Structural of economic, Adaptation from traditional economy, Direction and the main function about economy, Direction and the main function about economy, statistics

    This chapter describes the the Structural of economic policy, direction and main obligation about socialism's economy,economy after declaration of independence and 5 year planning. 1. What is the structural economic policy? - This material explains about What's structural of economic?,Structural economic policy, Adapt from traditional economy to output economy,Expansion economy small goods and some of Agriculture's economy, Protection economic system of Laos,The levels of cultural are low,In public health sector. 2. What is the direction and main obligation of socialism's economy? - This material explains about Turns into a socialist industry one step at a time, Constructive socialism , Expanding the number and quality of the working class, Improve the dictatorship system to be strong, open the socialist democracy, Revolution in thinking and culture focus on creating a new culture and a new socialist,Improving living life of tribe workers to be better, resolve social problems appropriately, Creating a new protection system, Attention improving financial and monetary. 3. What was the direction and the main obligation of the economy after declaration of independence and 5 year planning ? - This material explains about Solutions of cereals and food,Restriction and also stopping slash and burn forest, Structure of primary industry forest reasonably, Arrangement divide economic planning zone impose on creating rural and urban,Expansion transportation and communication, Using science and technology's progressive for research,Improvement and increasing economic cooperation zone, Improve socialism trade system and strongly expand, Expanding the relation between Lao economy and foreign economy,Creation the socialism’s law,Expansion for learning the literature and the public health.

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