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Increasing of government's role about macroeconomicHistory of Lao Economy

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    • Category : Social Sciences > Economics & Finance
    • Taught by : Sengchanh Chanthasene
    • Created By : National University of Laos
    • Offered By : ASEAN Cyber University
    • Date Added : 2019.12.13
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    • Keyword : Government's role about Macroeconomic, Government’s obligation with market economy mechanism, Government’s intervention, Government’s intervention, statistics

    This chapter describes the the government’s role about macroeconomic, the government's obligation with make economy mechanism, increasing of government’s intervention within market economy. 1. What is the government’s role about macroeconomic? - This material explains about State set direction expansion of all basic economy and society, Create the economic environment and the legal framework, Macro control of government are all sector. 2. What is the government's obligation with make economy mechanism? - This material explains about Be counselor, set the and guideline policy n's party, Pay attention for exploitation remedy, Improve and increase government's law inspection of economic. 3. What is the government's intervention with make economy mechanism? - This material explains about Determining the direction, destination and role of socio-economic development, Improve the conduct of the party in market condition.

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