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Project_Oriented Learning(POL) Activities for Innovative Technology and Creative Classroom2019 ACU e-learning Conference

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    • Category : Education > Education & Teacher Training
    • Taught by : Sunggi Baik, Hyekyung Yang, Wan Zuhainis Saad, Thapanee Thammater, Hnin Aye Thant, Teri Rose Dominica Roh, Mary Catherine Ariosa, Jeannie Pang, Kittituch Orisoon, Kyeongsim Yeon
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    • Offered By : ASEAN Cyber University
    • Date Added : 2019.09.30
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    • Keyword : Project Oriented Learning(POL), innovative, creative, classroom

    "Today technologies are changing day by day. We need to transform the classroom activities: pas-sive learning to active learning becoming innovative and creative classroom. Integrating POL Activ-ities in classroom, students can get the deeper understanding the content knowledge and promote the development of work readiness skills. Project-oriented learning helps learners develop skills to work in a knowledge-based, highly technological world. By bringing real-life context and technolo-gy to the curriculum through a project-oriented learning approach, learners are encouraged to be-come independent workers, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners. This POL Activity promotes stu-dents choice, autonomy and decision making. I will discuss about following topics:  What is Project-Oriented Learning?  Why Project-Oriented Learning?  What are some best practices around project-oriented learning?  Project-oriented learning is authentic learning  The role of the instructor changes in project-oriented learning.  The role of the learner changes in project-oriented learning.  What steps should I take to do project-oriented learning?  What other resources can help me with project-oriented learning?"

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