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A Model for Establishing the ASEAN Cyber University(ACU) and its implementation Strategies: A New Platform for International Education in Higher Education between ASEAN and Korea2019 ACU e-learning Conference

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    • Category : Education > Education & Teacher Training
    • Taught by : Sunggi Baik, Hyekyung Yang, Wan Zuhainis Saad, Thapanee Thammater, Hnin Aye Thant, Teri Rose Dominica Roh, Mary Catherine Ariosa, Jeannie Pang, Kittituch Orisoon, Kyeongsim Yeon
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    • Date Added : 2019.09.30
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    • Keyword : ACU, ASEAN Cyber University, higher education, ACU Model, ACU Program

    This presentation is to introduce the proposed model of ACU and its implementation strategies as well as the journey reaching to the proposal. Global society requires changed perspectives and activities with diverse and innovative ideas and advanced technologies in pursuit of shared perspectives and sustainable development. In response to the changes, ASEAN and Korea are required to define their cooperative relations and carry out feasible and practical actions between them. In this respect, the research has been conducted to design a platform model of higher education and cooperative actions for enhancing accessibility and employability in cooperation with academia-government-private sectors in the ASEAN and Korea based on the achievement of cyber universities. Also, considering educational environment and recent progress on cooperative actions, this model presents a phased-approach to materialize the structure and courses of the higher education institute under the umbrella of ACU. Starting from transferring and recognizing the credits among the participating entities, the ACU is expected to be an independent higher education institute for awarding a degree via intermediate stage of ACU Program

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