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HIVHow to Protect Yourself and OthersSex Education

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    You’ve probably heard the terms HIV and AIDS used togetherwhich may have led you to believe they are the same thingbut in reality they are differentHIV stands for human immunodeficiency virusAIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndromeHIV is the virus that causes AIDSHIV is considered a sexually transmitted disease (STDbecause it can be spread through certain sexual behaviorsThis means that HIV cannot be spread through behaviors like shaking handshugging or kissingWhen someone is infected with HIVthe virus begins to attack the immune systemwhich can make someone more likely to get sick from other germsIt can take many years for someone with HIV to develop AIDSand some people who are HIV positive never develop AIDSWhile there is no cure for HIVthere are medicines that can help people live long and healthy lives like people with other chronic diseases (such as diabetes)It’s important to know that you cannot tell if someone has HIV just by looking at themThe only way to know for sure if a person has HIV is for that person to get tested for HIV and tell you the results of their HIV test.

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